Why Am I Sick!?

I think I brought back something from Winnipeg that I didn’t overly want. A massive head cold and stomach bug. It started slowly on Sunday, but blossomed into something much less desirable by the end of Tuesday.

Taking a sick day is rare for me. But I really needed it. Sleep and medicine has been useful in trying to combat this attack on my body. Wearing comfortable pjs and eating comfort food has also been helping. (That’s probably just the lazy factor making me happy.)

I want to blame the recirculated air on the airplanes for this. But it’s probably a culmination of that plus back to school (kids are germ spreaders!) and the change in weather. My stockpile of unused tissues is diminishing as my collect of used ones increases.

Ugh. I just want to get back to feeling normal.

Is that too much to ask?

Internal Battles

Everyone has a battle they are fighting. It doesn’t mean one is harder than the other. People put weight and merit on different aspects of their lives. But we all fight something.

I have had family and friends fight cancer. Some have lost. Such as my father who deteriorated over 3 years after diagnosis. Some have fought and made it through and found a renewed sense of adventure in life.

There are also people battling depression or mental illness. I see it all the time now. I’ve also lost friends and coworkers to this and it’s still shocking each time. I don’t know the right way to help those people. I go through bouts myself and have a tough time finding the happiness carrot. But I know it’s there. Somewhere for each of us to find it.

All I can say is reach out and help one another- no matter what the battle is. Sometimes a friendly phone call or text can brighten someone’s day.

Real Sick, Real Quick, Real… ICK

Yesterday I mentioned faking being sick as a child: Faking Sickness. Of course I came home and guess what? My son was sick all night long that he needed a sick day from school.

Yes, the same day I mention faking being sick when I was younger- one of my kids is really ill. It was almost like karma. My son was barfing everywhere and was in rough shape that we kept him home. It was best for everyone.  But he was throwing up all day long.

As if it was some great feat of awesomeness for me as a child to be able to fool my mother and trick her into letting me stay home. Now as a father, seeing my children sick is the worst. I just want them to be healthy and happy. That way they can make fun of me or piss me off again. It’s what kids are for. 

You worry about them, they drive you nuts, but behind it all, children are the best thing ever.

The Summer Cold

Throughout most of the year I suffer from allergies.  I look at it as my body feeling bad for Mother Nature.  J/k.  Allergies suck.  But what sucks more than allergies is the Summer Cold.

Nothing like looking forward to your weekend, seeing that it’s going to be sunny and warm, making plans with friends, when your body decides to grab a virus.  I often confuse it with a bad case of an allergy attack.  It’s usually when I’m 2-3 days in with the sniffles that I realize I’m sick.  Now my days off are shot trying to recover.  

Did I mention before that I dislike sweating?  Sweating because of manual labor means you are accomplishing something with your hard work.  Sweating because of a cold or flu is just plain gross.  In the summer, being drenched in your own fluids as snot rolls out of your head is not how I want to go.  You may as well be taking the brain out of my skull and throwing it directly into the sun.  Summer cold sweats are the worst.

Usual winter remedies or comforts, like chicken noodle soup or hot tea, doesn’t work the same in the summer.  You pretty much just have to suffer through the cold virus until it passes onto the next victim.  This is the time that I do my best to try using mind over matter.  I think healthy thoughts and avoid focusing on being sick.  I’m not sure that it works, but it beats feeling miserable all the time.

I feel better already.


Nope.  It’s still here.  Ugh.