iOS Spam?

Today’s blog post isn’t about anything.  It’s more a test to see if my posts are receiving iOS spam.  I’ve had two people tell me that when they try and read my blog posts that it connects to spam and is unreadable. One was from clicking the link on Twitter, the other was from my Facebook page- only when trying to read on an iPhone. But if you exit and go back, the spam is gone.

That sucks.  But in a era of cyber hackers and a-holes it doesn’t surprise me that even my little blog would get affected. Hopefully I can get WordPress to resolve this issue.  Or perhaps they already are.  

I wonder if this would fix it?

I don’t have much else to add today.  So if there’s ever an issue trying to read my posts, please let me know.  Because maybe the two other people who read them are having the same issues.

Filling Your Feed With SPAM

Santa loves my family and I so much that every year he gives us at least one can of SPAM under the tree.  It pains me to say it, but it’s very tasty when fried up.  I love that the word itself must always be written with capitalization.  


Part of an unbalanced breakfast.

It was today’s breakfast.  Along with a side of eggs and deep fried hash brown patties.  Can you feel those arteries clogging just reading this?  Over the years- I have been able to entice my wife into enjoying SPAM as well.  Even our oldest daughter got her own can of SPAM this year under the tree.

The Viking of Disapproval approves eating SPAM.

When I was a teen, I’d cut up SPAM into tiny cubes and fry it up.  I’d use it as a beef substitute on my nachos.  Drool, so good.  

A few years ago, we were in Hawaii (they love their SPAM: SPAM Jam Festival) and tried a SPAM sushi roll.  It’d probably be a lot of fun to attend their annual festival.  My wife and I had SPAM sushi again last April while in Seattle during A Weekend Away.  Eating SPAM is the equivalent of enjoying a high end delicacy.  A tasty, unhealthy, non-food like, trashy-feeling delicacy.


Truth be told, I really can’t eat too much of it.  My stomach doesn’t appreciate the burden: the preservatives, the salt, the meat products, the fact that it has a ridiculously long shelf life…  Enjoying it once or twice a year is the maximum I’ll endure.  

If you’ve never eaten fried SPAM before, don’t knock it until you try it.  You’d be disgustingly surprised with yourself.