Star Wars Day

Today is dubbed “Star Wars Day” as in “May the 4th be with you.”  Cute, fun, and somehow marketing everything Star Wars!  I have no idea where this idea came from, but it is quite clever, albeit annoying at times.  I’m a fan of Star Wars on any given day, so today is more a celebration for the regular folks who enjoy the films, but don’t necessarily share in the fandom.  I love Star Wars and the story lines that have been created. 

Size Matters Not.

My childhood was filled with multiple watchings of the original three films, a couple of Ewok TV movies, The Ewoks cartoon, pretending every stick I picked up was a lightsaber (and making the sounds as I swung it around).  I think it’s a great way to bring out the imagination of a child.  My children have watched the films, shared in the experience of a galaxy far, far away & made up their own adventures.  

So it surprised me yesterday when I spoke with a mother who has two boys, ages 5&7, who refuses to show Star Wars to her sons.  She fears it to be too scary for them.  I also have a friend who’s daughter by age two was in love with Chewbacca and R2D2.  This little girl probably knows more about those characters than I ever will.  

Star Wars is life…

As parents, we choose what to expose our children to- from movies to religion and everything in between.  My kids are excited about Wookiee Cookies and watching The Force Awakens today.  My wife is planning on crocheting some Star Wars characters while relaxing from our post-convention run.

However you spend your day:

May the 4th be with you!

Here’s a recipe for you as well:

I hope these cookies don’t turn out a little Chewy.


Last Sunday night my family sat down to watch “The Wonderful World of Disney:Disneyland 60”.  It started off with a wonderful ten minute tribute to Mr. Walt Disney and the creation of his park.  Then the next two hours were filled with advertising for everything Disney.

With inflation since 1989, I wonder what this is worth now…

Maybe my children didn’t notice or maybe I’m a bit cynical.  But it was basically a two hour commercial for one of the biggest money making machines in the world.  Nowadays, Disney can basically print its own money.  The company owns Marvel and Star Wars! Why bother to advertise anyways?


Graph with numbers and a red line.

Simple.  The parks are always getting upgrades.  No one would visit 1950’s Disneyland today if it had never changed.  Disneyland had a tough time bringing in people during the early 90’s because it had become stagnant.  Then Pixar happened.  And the changes were inevitable. 20,000 Leauges Under the Sea became Finding Nemo. Astro Blasters with Buzz Lightyear was created. Woody showing up in It’s a Small World.  The park began a new era.  Plus California Adventure opened in 2001, thus expanding the park- although poorly attended at first.

1st Trip

Our first trip to Disneyland Spring 2009.

Sixty years in the making, Disneyland is a Theme Park that the world knows about.  Many have visited.  My family and I have made the 24 hour road trip there about once a year since 2009.  I love the place.  Every time we go, we experience something new and memorable.  Simple things like eating at Ariel’s Grotto and meeting the Princesses, riding in the Lilly Belle around the park, or a ride in the front of the Monorail (and having the engineer more excited to find out I work for a railroad instead of me being excited that I was in the front of the Monorail!), enjoying a lunch near the water of the Pirates ride in the Blue Bayou Restaurant, finding new Hidden Mickeys, Jedi Academy, the first time our children were each tall enough to ride the bigger coasters, meeting all of our favorite characters, Trick or Treating in Disneyland, eating a fabled turkey leg, Dole Whip,  and the list goes on.

This year we are going to Disneyland to see the Diamond Celebration before it ends.  The Season of The Force is also going on.  In a few years, we will attend in order to see Star Wars Land (ya, I’m a bit of a Star wars fan).  Perhaps one day, we will stay in a Disneyland Resort Hotel and immerse ourselves in all things Disney.  Or a night in The Dream Suite inside the park would be the ultimate experience.  Hey, sometimes dreams really do come true.

Until then, I look forward to making memories with family and friends for many years to come.



“Idiots doing idiot things, because they’re idiots.” — Archer

The Internet is filled with these fantastic things called memes (Is that pronounced mee-mee or mehm?  Either way, they're fun).  There's a meme for everything.  And if not, there are sites were you can make your own like Make a meme.  Not all memes are funny.  Some are downright offensive.  Others r two stoopid 4 werds.  When I first started using Pinterest, I found these fun images created on someecards that I enjoyed sharing through texts to friends.  

I wish it weren't true.

  For a while before memes and someecards, demotivational posters were the best thing to hit the Internet.  I actively searched those out to share.  Gotta love a good demotivational poster to bring life back into perspective.  

One day I will achieve this level of awesome.

A few years ago, my Facebook feed was filled with humorous Star Wars pictures that I would post or that friends would post for me.  I must have seen every possible Star Wars related image on the internet available at that time.  I am often still tagged in almost anything Star Wars.  I love it.  It means the people I'm friends with know my passion for this universe and think of me whenever they see anything Star Wars related. offended I don't usually remove a tag from a post because it isn't my sense of humor.  I will remove a tag if I really don't think my children should see it, since they are getting to an age of internet presence.  I am aware that some people have a lifestyle or image that they want to keep clean in social media land.  I also try not to post offensive imagery for the general public to see.  I save those images for texts or private messages.  For the most part I know what I can send people, but sometimes, I cross the line.  (Sorry, not sorry.) Please keep sharing the fun and maybe next time I can discuss gifs.

My first gif to you.


Build me a Lightsaber


You light up my life.


You read that correctly.  Don’t buy me a Lightsaber.  We have three Force FX sabers currently.   Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome and I’m still on the look out for a Mace Windu Force FX saber.  But a custom, not mass-produced, killer looking hilt with a vibrant color blade would be fantastic.

So, I would like one built for me.  There are amazing artists out there that can do this.


There is a TR-8R among us.

The first site I ever heard of for custom Lightsabers was Park Sabers (this was like back when the Internet was invented).  These guys were making Lightsabers for people before Hasbro’s Force FX.

If you want to build one from scratch, head on over to Custom Saber Shop and piece it out.  More thought may be required, but check out some of those cool parts!


It’s all in the details.

Some of the most amazing custom built Sabers are at Ultra Sabers.

There is one amazing artist who makes some crazy “unstable blades” and some fantastic leather work.  So, be sure and follow Vader Head on Instagram.

Now that I’ve pointed you into the right locations…  My birthday is coming up soon.  So, maybe a gift idea?

A long time ago, to infinity and beyond.


I’m the first to admit, I don’t care much for sports.  You won’t catch me doing anything much more athletic than five pin bowling or maybe darts.  Sometimes walking is more than enough exercise for my week.  So, I don’t much care for watching sporting events.


Today is a big day in the NFL.  It’s Super Bowl 50.  Parties and drinking and food and friends and commercials.  I’ll watch the commercials.  That’s the time companies really put up the money and make ads worth watching.

I’m a geek at heart, but I’ve noticed over the years that the line between jocks and nerds is closing.  Many people who watch football also watch superhero movies.  Baseball players love a good craft beer.  People who play videogames also enjoy hockey. Fun fact: In the early 80’s, Intellivision was the first video game company to secure the rights to major sports leagues such as NHL, NFL, and PGA to name a few.

I will watch an end game to whatever big sports thingy is happening.  Stanley Cup final game, Olympic Gold Medal, World Cup soccer final, WWE Wrestlemania, even Super Bowl.  I don’t have a team to cheer for.  I don’t follow the stats of players.  But the energy in a pub, home, or even live at the game is something to marvel at.  It sucks you in and you just want to cheer for a good play or ooooo at a hard hit.


Go Sports Team!

I’m not going to diss fans of sports.  I feel that way about Star Wars.  I know tons about that universe.

Rancors FTW in my Fantasy League Football match up.