Raised Spirits

After a week in our new home, it was time to enjoy quality time together. Boy was it fun!

This evening before dinner, we all hung out at the pool. Loads of laughter and splashing. It was an excellent way to cool off after a smoldering hot day.

To finalize our family time together we did something we always do. We watched a movie as a family. The movie of choice? Spirited Away. A favorite amongst us all. We love Studio Ghibli movies and enjoyed visiting Studio Ghibli when we travelled to Tokyo a few years back.

We also chose this film because it starts with a family on their way to their new home, yet adventure takes hold. It’s the perfect film to boost our spirits amongst the chaos of unpacking. I’m so happy to feel like a family once more. Stress is behind us.

Time to live our best lives.

Jigsaw Puzzles

I used to do jigsaw puzzles all the time. I even kept some of my puzzles from when I was a small child. Not the baby easy ones, but the couple thousand piece ones. The ones that most people work on over the course of a month or so.

As I grew older, I began to do 3D puzzles with my wife. These are the kind with a foam backing to make a monument or building. My favorite 3D puzzles are the Monopoly board and Millennium Falcon. However, my wife and I have very different strategies when doing puzzles. So over the past couple of years, we haven’t done many together.

I enjoy marathoning through the puzzles. I like to time myself and see how quickly I can get them done. My wife on the other hand enjoys a leisurely pace of sitting down to work a few pieces, then come back to it later on. Not me- I want it done! I have refused to go to bed until a Puzzle is completed. Our son is the same way.

Today I put together a puzzle we picked up from Japan. It was from a Studio Ghibli store and is an image of one of our favorite movies- “My Neighbor Totoro”. It only had 300 pieces and took my just under 2 hours to put together. The challenge in this puzzle was that the pieces were clear plastic. Flipping them and trying to gauge the tint in colour was tough at first. Then my brain picked up on the nuances of the shades.

After I finished the puzzle, I stuck it in a frame we had purchased with it and hung it up on our back window. The completed picture is beautiful and suits its new home. It compliments the backdrop and in the morning with shimmer with the incoming sun.

Maybe next time we go to Tokyo we will pick up some more so that my family can make them.

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli was on our list of places to see for ages now. It took me months to get tickets for it. And we could only get a time slot of 16:00 to get in. Was it worth it? Yes.

The downside- no photos permitted inside the museum. Only the outside in the courtyard and garden. So we took advantage of that opportunity.

Inside the Museum was very interactive. And well maintained. It was so clean and pristinely well kept inside. Lots of art and descriptions of how the filming was done. Even old school 35mm style films were used in the demonstrations. (I felt like I was doing my projectionist job back at the theater.)

We also got to watch a short film called “Boro The Caterpillar”. No words or music in the movie, just sounds made by a person’s mouth. The audience laughed at the cuteness of the film. We each received a souvenir “movie ticket” with a small film cell inside. Pretty cool.

I also spent a small fortune in the gift shop because hey- when will we ever be back here? I amused some people with my arm full of soot sprites.

It was a great day that was filled with smiles and joy for the family. If you like Studio Ghibli- this Museum is for you.