Wookiee Cookie Chaos

This morning I decided to bake some Wookiee Cookies. This is the first time I’ve baked cookies in our new house, so I thought it appropriate to bake my favorite ones.

As I was getting out the ingredients, I realized that I didn’t have chocolate chips. So I substituted caramel ones instead. Not a big deal. The milk chocolate chunks go well with almost any type of chips. But then the unthinkable happened.

The tub of sugar fell off the counter and spread everywhere. Tiny granules got in between my toes. You can see my barefoot print in the sugar on our floor. We were already low on sugar, but this put us well past needing to buy some. I cleaned up the mess, and continued on. I was able to salvage 1/2 a cup for my recipe.

My rage meant it was time to play some angry sounding music while I finished baking. White Zombie ended up on my Spotify playing from our TV. Which is kind of fitting as we are a little over a month from Halloween.

In the end the cookies turned out great and the kitchen was super clean. It’s still frustrating when mishaps occur. But such is life.

Vibrant Mediocrity

If I’m not taking pictures of my family and friends, I am usually taking pictures of food or nature. Skylines and trees are my personal favorites.

Sometimes I take a photo “just because.” It could be a picture of a movie title or a unique object. (Sorry… side quest… is it “a” or “an” before the word “unique”? Let me know in the comments if I was correct, and why.) The other day I took the following picture:

It is not one of my better pictures. But the colours and shapes on the kitchen counter bring me joy. Here are the reasons why:

The green glass bowl– I have always loved shaped and coloured glass. The wavyness of this bowl is fun. There’s even a little matching bowl inside.

The red apples– Apples are my favorite fruit. These were nearly perfect apples as well.

The blue canister– It holds fresh ground coffee. Need I say more?

The silver canister– Holds our sugar for coffee and baking. For the little sweetness needed in our lives.

All of them lined up in our kitchen awaiting their turn to be used. To me, the colours just pop. I could’ve used a filter, or adjusted my angle. Each item is as vibrant in their emotional impact for me as are the colours. I ended up overlooking the art aspect of how to take a good photo.

This picture is a Vibrant Mediocrity. And that’s okay as well. Giving it a title like that turns it into art.


Last night my family and I were watching Netflix.  We tuned in (is that the term still these days?) to Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  We usually snack a bit while watching tv/films.  For the first time in a long time, we weren’t eating potato chips or popcorn.

We were eating glazed donuts, Dr. Pepper licorice and drinking IRN-BRU sodas.  The Sugar Rush hit four out of the five of us pretty hard.  My wife seemed unaffected…  Giggles and silliness was abound.  Then, we crashed.

We crashed hard.  All of us went off to bed by about 11pm and passed out.  In the morning, I had a tough time waking up.  Finally at around 10am I sat up in bed to play some videogames.  My wife brought me a coffee, but within an hour, I was crashing again.  So I took a nap.  For two hours.

All day I have felt like garbage.  My body isn’t used to large intakes of sugar.  Coffee-yes, sweets-no.  Even my heart decided to skip a beat this afternoon while I hung out with my son building Lego.  A very relaxing activity that shouldn’t have done anything exhilarating to me.

I don’t eat chocolate very often.  Nor do I enjoy cakes, icing, or candy in general.  But after the last 24 hours, I can say my body doesn’t like it either.  I’m not going to do this again anytime soon.

Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.  Whatever my normal may be…