Weather or Not

The past week’s weather has been bonkers here in the Lower Mainland. We experienced a Polar Vortex just days ago. We even had to dig out the winter parkas just to get from the front door to the car.

This afternoon I was out in my yard with a hoodie and jeans playing with the dog.

The sun and mild weather is a welcomed change. The sunshine brought my spirits up. Even our yard was looking a bit more vibrant than usual. I watched the neighbors wandering around the streets- all of whom seemed to have a pep in their step.

I like that we received a brief taste of spring already. Some of our plants are starting to bud. Now if only the little bits of snow would vanish, I’d be really happy.


Big news today! The sun is getting blocked out and everything will go dark.  I’m excited- like a true nerd should be. 

However, I didn’t buy into the commercial hype.  Or the kooky glasses.  I’m not planning on staring at the sun.  Up north here it’ll be a partial eclipse. Still exciting and retina damaging. But I will watch the live feed on NASA

Just remember to wear the right kind of glasses. No need to kill your eyesight.  So be safe out here. Even in the partial zones. This is the scientific event of 2017. Pretty cool. 

Sunrise After The Rain.

I just want to say “Thank You” to the sun this morning.  I had a few rough days recently, but there was the sun this morning- doing it’s daily thing.  It was a beautiful sunrise I experienced on my drive home from the nightshift.  

Yes, I understand science tells me that the sun doesn’t actually rise, but the term is one that has been used for eons.  It still doesn’t stop it from happening.  

The sun’s rays had shone brightly, showcasing so much of nature’s beauty this morning.  I had to pull over to capture the moment on my cellphone before it passed me by.

The light and colours were magnificent.  This was a sunrise- post rainfall, late summer sunrise- that I needed to see this morning.  There was the sun, shining it’s way through the trees, making life glisten once more.

Thank you sun.  You brightened my day. 

(Wow.  Awful “Dad Joke” to end today’s post.  Sorry.)

On account of rain…

The darkness consumes the sky as the water falls down and the drains overflow with water.  My plans get washed out.  No barbecue.  No walks in the park.  No movies under the stars.  No fires to light our night.  No beach days.  No yardwork.  No summer.

Life shouldn’t end because it starts to rain.  Time to pick up a book.  Enjoy a cup of tea.  Spend time playing a board game with the family.  Or cuddle under a blanket watching a funny film.  Preparing large dinners in the kitchen.  All while staying cozy and happy.

When the rain ends it makes the sun seem brighter.  The water levels rise and the plants get revitalized.  The outdoors become abuzz with activity. The fields are greener and ready to be played on.  The animals are chirping and hustling around.  Life starts anew.  The journey continues.