Three Years of Blogging

I have now done three years of daily blogging.


This is a great achievement for me since I write each and every blog post myself. I actually missed my anniversary date by a day which to me means that I’ve made writing a daily routine that I cannot miss. Those times I’m out of WiFi or cellular range- I’ll “schedule” a post.

Every day I write about something that piques my interest. Note: I just had to look up which word to use- peak,peek or pique. I enjoy writing about my adventures, my family and my thoughts.

After three years of writing I have also become a more positive person in my interactions and stories. If you look back at my works you may notice that I avoid using negative words or connotations. This positivity has made me like who I am a great deal more than I expected.

Of course I am human after all, and my world does have moments that can be more unicorn farts and pixie poops than I want to share. But throwing a learning moment, revelation or change of action helps to turn my mood around.

I have more stories to share and a life to live. I hope that all of my readers and followers have enjoyed checking out my life and adventures. Thank you for a wonderful three years!

My Ever Growing Online Family

Blogging is fun. I do the writing mostly for myself, but it seems others enjoy reading about my life. From old friends to complete strangers- everyone has been relatively positive about what I share. Good feels.

I’ve also enjoyed online interactions with my fellow bloggers. Every week, I am interacting with more and more people. They are like Magical Internet Faeries spreading joy in my life. On this journey, I’ve been lucky enough to dodge the trolls.

Or perhaps the trend is swaying in the right direction? I have found lately that people proudly share more positivity, and say things like love conquers all or even hate leads to suffering…

Whatever the reason may be, I’m really happy to be a part of the online community. Keep up the good work universe and all you Internet Faeries who bring me joy! You know who you are.

Two Years of Daily Musings

January 18, 2016 I began this blog. I’ve written one post every single day. It’s my baby and I’m proud of myself. Last year I wrote about My One Year Blogaversary. I thought that was special. But today is doubly as good.

Another year of stories with more positive thoughts than negative ones written. More shares, likes and follows from old friends and new ones. A couple of days ago, I surpassed 100 followers on WordPress. (Yay!) The majority of whom are folks I’ve never met in person. None of them trying to trade “A like for a like” which is respectable. If someone new follows me, I will read a few of their stories. Many times I end up following them. I’ve enjoyed the conversation and feedback through these interactions with complete strangers as well.

Twenty years ago, a friend of mine once said “Constant observation of myself has made me what I am today.” That phrase stuck with me as I moved forward in life. I often forgot to look back. Over the past two years of reflection and memories, I have re-discovered who I am:

I’m just a guy Making It Up As I Go.

Resolution Success Story

Yesterday morning I spent about an hour reading many of my old blog posts. I’ve completed nearly two years of daily blog posts. I am now going to reflect on my reflections as I reflected on life. Let’s step out of this inception spiral for a moment…

My writing has changed. Some of my older posts were really well written. Others were not. Some were far too long and wordy for no reason. Most never stayed on topic. I’ve even repeated my memoirs- which was bound to happen. However, the biggest constant is that I have been writing continuously and enjoying it.

These musings are a way for me to work out what’s going on in my mind and life. I love that people have read these posts. I am also happy that some have been shared. Somehow, I have inspired some friends along the way. Go Joe!

While I reviewed some of my previous posts, I wanted badly to edit them. I wanted to alter the information I shared. But that would be a lie to myself. As well, I don’t overly think anyone would re-read or notice the changes. So in the ether of the interwebs lay my mistakes and my past.

I’m ok with that. I’m not perfect. Even though I strive for perfection, I need to have a place to grow from. Looking back is great as long as I don’t get stuck on it.

Making It Up As I Go has been a wonderful personal experience. The experience has been larger than life for me. I have met some fantastic bloggers online that have encouraged me and also inspired me. My thoughts and musings have been read and shared worldwide. Crazy.

What started as a resolution two years ago to write more has become a daily routine. I shall continue to write and share about my life: Humor, heartache, health, happiness, Havelka…

WordPress 200

I’ve been enjoying using WordPress for a few months now.  It’s fairly easy to use for a beginner such as myself.  Wordpress offers a convenient app that I use 90% of the time.  This is mostly due to the fact that my cellphone is hardly ever out of my reach.  It’s great to be able to pull out my iPhone, jot a quick draft, save it and set it aside.  I like the PC as well when I’m trying to edit a more important (to me) piece.  I am impressed with being able to save on the mobile app and crossover to the PC and vice verse.  The save is almost instant allowing for me to switch over with ease.

It started slowly, but I am receiving more badges for my accomplishments and that’s very encouraging.  I’ve also been receiving feedback and compliments from other blog writers.  These strangers, out of the kindness of their hearts, take the time to read and respond to my musings.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be welcomed into this online universe of creativity.  After a “Like” or comment by a fellow blogger, I usually take the time to read what they have written on their blogs.  This has drawn me to many subjects and ideas that I otherwise would have overlooked in my daily life.  Making my internet browsing a more fun adventure these days.  Like getting sucked down the rabbit hole…

Wordpress has many more features available that I can utilize.  I have only really used the basics- write a post add an image or two and maybe a website link.  This week, I am going to try a few more features and hope that they work in my favor.  If not at least I can write movie quotes and post pictures for my own enjoyment.  

Thanks again to all who follow me and have left me feedback.  I feel like I don’t say that enough.  I even have a Facebook page all to myself where I share these blog posts and the occasional image or link to other bloggers.  Feel free to “Like” that page as well for up to date musings: Josef A. Havelka


For those of us that have children or teach children- the end of the school year is upon us.


I imagine it’s not any easy job being a teacher.  Heck, being a parent of three children isn’t easy sometimes.  I couldn’t imagine a classroom of twenty to thirty kids being a cakewalk.  I am grateful for the hardworking teachers out there.  They deserve our praise more often.  Our children’s intellect and opinions are molded by these adults.  The future of our children is driven by the teachers, not the politicians.  I’ve seen teachers with budget cuts go and spend their own money in order to teach properly.  That is a devotion that I am proud of.


Finding ways to educate children can’t be easy.  Strict and rigid styling a of the 1950’s doesn’t work.  Teaching children to take tests doesn’t work.  I don’t envy you when a bored child loses focus and you have to reel them back in.


After all is said and done, be happy that you made it through another year of educating small minds.  I know most of you will be busy cleaning up from the year or getting ready for the next year.  Some teachers will go on to teach courses over the summer.  The job doesn’t end.  Thank you for all the hard work you put in.  Enjoy whatever freedom you squeeze out this summer.

Closer to Home

We are getting ready for Con number three of the spring season.  Emerald City Comicon has been a roller-coaster ride for us over the years.  We had a great first year, terrible second year, and a great third year.  The convention circuit is fickle.  The company that runs Emerald City Comicon changed at the end of last year’s con so we had to jump through some new hoops and re-think our merchandise layout.  Every convention is different, and each presents its own challenges.  Some conventions, we are in the Artist Alley, sometimes we end up in The Vendor’s Hall, at WonderCon we were at The Dealer Tables.  Emerald City Comicon is a great convention, don’t get me wrong.  It’s huge and fun and there’s plenty to see and do.  It has become so large in fact, that they have added an extra day and expanded the gaming area into the hotel next door.

We do this Convention because it is fairly close to home.  We have taken the kids with us, but have since decided not to.  Seattle is an expensive city to visit.  My wife and I are taking a weekend to ourselves this time around.   Today is our crazy packing day.  We’ve been home for only a week and are ready to go back out again!  I love helping my wife out with her business.  She makes her products and I do the sales (generally).  It’s a good way for us to travel, meet people and generate some extra income.

As usual, I am promoting her business.  She doesn’t like to self-promote, so I try and get her out there every chance I get.

Banner 2016

If you can, take a moment and “Like” her page on facebook & follow her on Twitter.  She shares her adventures and pictures on Instagram as well.

And if you wish to purchase or request a custom hat, contact her through her website: Ningen Headwear or through her shop on Etsy.

We hope to see everyone at one of the next couple conventions!  If you’re at Emerald City this weekend, stop by and say hello!

Faded dragon Thanks2015

Level Up

Hooray!  It’s Tuesday!  Some of the most important things in my life have happened on a Tuesday.  I was married to a fantastic woman on Tuesday July 10, 2001.  Our third child was born on Tuesday May 16, 2006.  On Tuesday March 15,2016- I turn 40.

Level 40.


I’ve also had very memorable birthdays.  My thirteenth birthday, there was a scavenger hunt set up in my home.  It ended with my mother surprising us with our first trip to Disneyland.  Since then, I love taking my family there on an almost yearly basis.

On my seventeenth birthday, I took my younger sister on the bus heading into town.  She got off to visit her friend and I continued on to the mall.  Around dinner time, I came home to find out she had been hit by a truck trying to cross the road and was air lifted to the hospital for emergency surgery.  My parents and I spent the rest of that night not knowing if she would live.  Seeing her post surgery, all bandaged up with tubes and monitors connected to her, was one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever experienced in my life.  Luckily she survived, but life was somehow different for everyone in my family after that.


I’ve survived 40 years on this planet.  Here’s some interesting things about my birthday: 
My Zodiac symbol is Pisces.  To quote the first Zodiac website I searched: “IF YOU ARE BORN ON March 15, you are Piscean that likes a challenge. Yes indeed… your competitive nature puts you on top of your game. You work hard and play hard but your image is important to you. Pisces, you are concerned with how others see you although you are very warm and likeable person.

As the 15th March birthday meaning suggests you are one of the nicest people anyone would want to meet and trust me; they do want to meet you! With all that you aspire to be, you know it holds a great responsibility to be a leader. You, Pisces, are just the person for the job.” 

My Chinese Astrological animal is the Dragon.  Here’s a little excerpt about the “1976 Fire Dragon” I found online: “With the influence of the Fire Element, the Fire Dragon is the most energetic, passionate and dynamic of the Dragon types. At times, the Fire Dragon is truly fearless in their pursuits and their passions are nearly impossible to derail. With a high self-esteem and confidence, the Fire Dragon is often known to be dominant in social situations, which may explain why the Fire Dragon is amongst the most feared signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Luckily, the Fire Dragon is concerned with doing good over evil. With their fiery disposition, the Fire Dragon is a natural leader and can inspire others with ease. While it may not be as easy for the Fire Dragon to make friends, these qualities can lead directly to group or individual achievement. The Fire Dragon is willing to take on any challenge alone and at times, would probably prefer to reach their goals alone.”

I could read into both of those and take away what I want to hear, but I don’t believe the stars in my zodiacs dictate my life.  I was baptized Catholic within days of being born, because of medical reasons told to my mother at the time of my birth.  At the time, she was feared I wouldn’t survive.  Two years later, I underwent a lung operation and have been pretty good ever since (aside from my asthma and allergies).  I would say that I have never really practiced any kind of religion.  I do consider myself a kind hearted Atheist.  I feel that the Golden Rule is an excellent way to live life. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Sometimes it’s a hard rule to follow, but it seems the most sincere way to live life.

Thanks to everyone who has been on this journey of life with me.  I appreciate all of the kindness that has been shown my way over the years.

Thank you.

 Thank you.

Two simple words that people need to hear more often.  I’m closing out this week by saying thank you to everyone that has been reading my new blog postings.  I’m still working on discovering what I like to post, how this website works, and what people enjoy reading.  The biggest challenge I’m facing  already is what I should post everyday.   Perhaps the next two words I should be saying is “I’m sorry” for filling up your newsfeed with my daily musings.  Mostly, this blog is a way for me to write more and develop a habit of writing daily.  So thank you for your understanding.

Saying thank you can be difficult.  Especially when you are trying hard to do something on your own, but are too stubborn to ask for help.  Or sometimes we take it for granted that our family or friends have done something nice for us.

“Thank you” has a strong meaning.  It means that you appreciate what someone else has done for you.  In my home, we try and instill this behavior all the time.    Remembering to say “thank you” is the best way to show respect and it tells people, “Hey, what you did was awesome and I appreciate it.”

Thank you again everyone for being awesome and allowing me into your lives.  You guys rock.