Too Much Sleep?

First night shift of 2023 happened last night for me. I think I slept too much afterwards.

I came home pretty tired, but had to drive my son to school before bed. After dropping him off, I don’t really remember how I got home. I just know that I was asleep pretty quick once I got here. That sleep lasted for hours. It was uninterrupted and wonderful.

Yet I want more. But it’s time to get ready for my second night shift. However, it’s going to be okay. This week is a shorter work week for me and I only have two more nights to work before a four day weekend. A weekend with plans of hanging out with some friends, working on my new hobby, and some speed skating stuff for our son. Maybe I’ll sneak in some grocery shopping and cleaning just for fun.

I must not have gotten enough sleep today to think cleaning and shopping is fun. I better get some coffee in me and get ready for work.

A Mutual Thursday

I don’t normally work on a Thursday. But I did a “mutual” exchange of work days with a coworker. It benefited us both. She received an extra day for her vacation and I will get Sunday off for my Anniversary. We are having friends over on Saturday to party, so Sunday will be just for us.

Anyhow, I’m not used to working on a Thursday. People were surprised to see me and very confused. It totally effed with my “chi”. To make matters worse, nothing was going right at work. It felt as though I was behind the 8 ball trying to dig my way out. Frustrating to say the least for nearly 12 hours. And then it was over.

So I came home.

Originally I was hoping to head into Vancouver to see a performance by an old friend of mine. But I was so drained, that my social skills were completely voided. I had to just get home and recharge. I hardly remember the drive home as I was on autopilot. I wish I could have supported my friend at his performance. Perhaps next time.

But now I’m home and about to have a true 3 Day Weekend. I’m off work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then only two days of work and an eleven day vacation. I need this. I deserve this. I am tired. But I am happy.

Just Plain Ol’ Tired

Another tiring day at the office and came home to more tiring activities. The action of making dinner and putting away laundry was more mentally exhausting than it needed to be.

I went through the motions and did what I had to do. I almost forgot to write this blog. So please forgive me if it’s meh. Which I know it is. I don’t have the mental capacity to put a lot of thought or string words together eloquently right now.

I’m just throwing in the towel for the day and heading to sleep. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. Stay strong Josef. The week is almost at the halfway point. It’s been a tough climb up the first half of the week- then it’s all down hill.

Dang, that wasn’t as motivating as I had hoped.

Weekend? What Weekend?

Just like that, my days off are over. The first day off entailed my being a chauffeur to our middle child to and from school. I also had to drop my wife and son off at the airport. They went away for the weekend up to Fort St. John for a long track speed skating meet. If he does well- he will be off to Quebec in April.

Then my next two days were all about pressure washing our back deck. I also got to chauffeur our middle to and from school as well as to the mall so that they could get an ear piercing.

Needless to say, I am sore and exhausted from all my time off work. I did enjoy being outside for the last couple of days in the sunshine. I was able to listen to music and feel accomplished with the deck cleaning. At the end of the day, I just sat outside and had a cold beer.

Poof. My weekend is over.

Red Eye

It’s been a very long time since I have been on a “Red Eye” flight. The first time was a trip to Scotland as a child. The worst one was a trip home from Toronto.

Today, we got off the flight early this morning after six hours in the air. My wife and I chose to do it this way so that we could have a siesta on the beach or by the pool in case we didn’t get much sleep on the plane. No point in spending an extra $400 for a night of sleep.

Traveling during these strange times is well, strange. I’d much rather sleep away the awkwardness instead of interacting with strangers on a plane. Anyways, on to the first day of vacation! Exhausted but ready for it!

Long Work Week

This week is a much longer work week for me than usual. I’m also working in a location that I haven’t had the years of experience in that others have. Since I’m helping to cover for my coworkers vacations- I’m putting in six days straight. Twelve hour days at that. I have two more days to go.

Needless to say I am starting to feel it mentally. Each day is blending into the next. But that’s okay. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll snag four days off after. Except those four days are filled up with appointments and commitments.

I just hope for a few moments of peace in between.

Aka: Naps. I’m gonna need them.

Zoned Out

I was lost in thought driving home, as I often am. Sometimes I wonder how I even get home.

But it continued on even at home. I tried to start a blog post, but forgot where I was going with it. Then I began making a salad for dinner and added too much dressing that I needed to add another head of lettuce. During dinner I lost track of conversations and we ended our meal.

I was browsing my social media and ended up curling onto the ground for about thirty minutes when my wife told me to get up (after taking a picture). I got to a point that I am tired and dumb feeling. No idea how I got to this point, but I figure it’s time to go to bed.

Goodnight everyone. Maybe tomorrow I can focus better.? If not, maybe I could just sleep in.

Unicorns and Magic

I’m sick today.  Nothing I am doing is making me feel better.  Soup, tea and sleep are all I have at the moment.  Worst of all is that I work the night shift in a few hours.  So no cold medicine.

The medicine I’m talking about is the kind that is sold over the counter, and brings with it sensations of floating.  NeoCitran and NyQuil are fantastic for taking you away from the illness and off to a land of crazy dreams or dizzy spells.  Neither of which are conducive when you work for a railroad and have to instruct crews on where they need to be going.

I’m pretty sure that this sickness will pass in a day or two.  But in the meantime Kleenex and blankets and self pity are making me feel better.  Or worse.  It’s always darkest before the dawn, right? (Night shift pun).  I could always call in sick to work, but then I’d be moping around regretting the sleep I had during the day.

So, now that I have eaten my soup and written my blog, I am off for a quick nap.  Except the heartburn has arrived.  

Ugh.  Complaining is tough.