DIY Dads

My friend Greg is a lot like me. He is always on the go with new projects and building stuff. Recently he began a project that was a far bigger undertaking than I think I could handle. But I’m impressed with his skills and the work done so far.

On Saturday I stopped by to offer some help. I was also curious to see how the project was going. He and his wife were given a travel trailer that needed a bit of work. There was a few bad spots where some leaking had occurred.

Instead of just throwing some duct tape and caulking on it, Greg peeled back the layers and began the challenge of fixing the trailer- from the frame out. What he has done so far is throughly impressive. He is hoping to have the outside of the trailer back together by fall. At the pace he is going, I imagine it to be completed.

Our buddy Matt has also been helping Greg along the way. Something about Dads and power tools… Building and creating makes us feel like providers you our families. Plus it’s fun to see sparks fly.

I now know that if I have a big project to do, I will summon the DAD PROJECT POWERS of Greg to assist me. I can already think of a project that will need his help.

Home Depot

As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize that I love doing home renos.  Over the years I have become a jack of all trades.  When I get inspired to remodel, I do as much research as possible to do it right.  One of the best places to learn is my local Home Depot.

I love/hate this store.  I worked there for a couple of years part time and learned a ton of valuable information.  Like most men, I know the store inside and out. (Not trying to be sexist, but usually I see more guys in the store buying stuff.)  I have spent hours wandering my local Home Depot.  I’ve made numerous trips back and forth buying 2×4’s, drywall, paints, etc…  I learned the most valuable lesson- always use the right tool for the job.  Cheap doesn’t cut it.  Quality tools make all the difference in whether a person would want to tackle a project again in the future.

The tools I have been buying are now being used for more than just home improvements.  Over the past few years, as I have mentioned before, we attend numerous Comic Cons.  Recently, I’ve been working on more Cosplay for my children and have had to buy foam, Dremel bits, glues, a heat gun, and other various supplies.  My arts and crafts are becoming more expensive, but I’m enjoying the hobby.  Steampunk is also one of my favorite genres and what better place to go but Home Depot to buy pipe and wood. The sales associates have looked at me strange as I walked the aisles connecting electrical conduits to plumbing pieces.  Now, the lighting department has special fixtures and bulbs that fit the Steampunk lifestyle.

My wife doesn’t like me going to the Home Depot for “just one item”.  I will return home with a car full of stuff and a credit card bill deferred for six months.  Maybe there’s something in the air at the store, like Disneyland pumping vanilla scents down Mainstreet, that causes me to spend money.  Or maybe it’s the big signs and the friendly staff.  Personally, I think it’s because it’s essentially a grown up toy store and I’m just a big kid with a credit card looking to play.