Regular Oil Changes.  Aka: “What else can we trick you into spending your money on?”

It seems that you can’t go anywhere without someone trying to take some of your hard earned dough.  I understand that businesses need to generate an income.  I understand that there are costs involved for putting on a show or an event and you need to charge an entry fee.  I understand taxes, levies, and interest rates.  I get it.  But it annoys me.  Some of the worst places that try and take my money are automotive shops.  

I go in for an oil change at $40.  That’s all I want to spend.  An oil change is all I need.  Just put the cheapest oil you can find in.  Put in vegetable oil for all I care.  I came here because I just don’t want to do the oil change myself anymore.  I don’t want to hear about transmission fluid levels or cleanliness.  Don’t tell me I need a new air filter because there’s some pixie dust and the wing off a fly stuck on it.  

Stop trying to use scare tactics by telling me that my brakes are at 10% less than they once were and that if I don’t look into getting new ones soon, my family will perish in a horrible accident as we careen off a cliff into the abyss.  Or that I should replace all the belts and hoses because they’re six months old already.  I never asked for a full inspection of my vehicle.  I asked for an oil change and my free newspaper while I wait.

Finally, don’t up-sell me on some fancy carwash that smears the dirt and barely cleans my windshield.  I have children who will do that for no charge.  Please stop trying to squeeze another dime out of my wallet.  

All I want is an oil change… and maybe an air freshener now since you’ve made me feel guilty for not succumbing to your sales tactics for the past twenty minutes.

See you in 3 months or 3000kms so we can do this dance all over again.