Vertigo Go Away

Before going to sleep this morning, my brain decided that a case of vertigo was needed. The experience was nauseating to say the least. So much so, I went into the bathroom in order to just sit on the toilet in case I threw up. I’m not sure why this kicked in, but I did not like it one bit.

Even as I lay in bed trying to deal with it, I was feeling sick to my stomach. It’s been years since I have had the sense of being “tilted”. There was a sense of being off balance and the floor was higher than it is. The sensation was as if my brain was glitching out.

As a small child I remember reveling in the sensation, trying to keep it as long as possible. I would try and control what was going on in my brain at age four. Little did I know that it was due to ear infections and fevers back then.

Today was unexpected. I’m not sick, nor do I have issues with my ears anymore. But as quickly as it started, it abruptly ended. Hopefully not to return.


Over the past few days I have noticed that things are slightly askew.  Pictures, televisions, doors and windows.  Whatever it is that should be square is turned more rhombus.  Perhaps it’s the angle I’m looking at it, maybe it’s just offset.  I’m worried it may be my mind.

There’s a feeling of vertigo that comes with the visual.  As if my head is off balance and I’m ready to fall over.  Just before the tumble, everything snaps back.

And just like that, I’m back to normal.  Whatever my normal is.