Window Seat

In our home we have large windows that overlook the backyard and the fields beyond. Usually I’m standing up and staring off. Recently we added a cushion to the window seat in our master bedroom. Yesterday afternoon I took advantage of it and lay down, watching the clouds roll by.

This evening is an entirely different view. Storm clouds are rolling in. The thunder has tumbled a couple of times. What I thought was rain, turned out to be a mix of snow and hail falling down. A harsh change in weather is coming in quickly. I get to enjoy it from the comfort of my window seat.

Being able to watch the outside world and see the sky has been absolutely entrancing to me over the last few months of living here. I never realized how much of the world we were missing being surrounded by trees in our last home. Mind you, that was wonderful for different reasons. Specifically the privacy and shade we were offered.

But this window seat brings me joy. I can stretch out on it and fully embrace the view. Do you stare out the window during storms or watch the sunset and clouds? Or am I alone at embracing the beauty of the world that we normally take for granted…

The Sky’s The Limit

I have shared so many photos of the sky that we can see from our home over the past few months. Many of you can see the sky from your own homes. You probably also have some amazing views. I’ve been sharing because I’m excited to see the sky for the first time in years on a regular basis.

The transitions and changes over the last few seasons leave me awestruck. Every night and day showcases something new to admire. We have also been lucky enough to see tons of fireworks off in the distance as folks celebrate various events. From out the windows and off the decks- we just love our home for what it has to offer.

Occasionally I do miss the trees and the greenery from our last home. Unfortunately all of those trees kept us shaded from the wonders of the sky. We never saw the clouds, the moon or the sun. We would get sneak peeks of them periodically, but never enough to truly enjoy.

I do like that we did not compromise on privacy when we moved. The neighbors may be closer, but it’s still peaceful and tranquil like our last home was.

As I have mentioned before- I don’t think I will ever tire of the views our home has to offer us.

Half Day Gone

Today was the first day all month that I slept in. So I took it to the limit! I got out of bed at 12:15 to start my day. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even want to start the day. But I’m glad I did.

The snow made the views from our home even more magical than before. It’s moments like this that make me appreciate the world. I just stood at our window in awe and stared out into the distance.

The sky, the snow, the trees, the mountains, even the skyscrapers shone in an icy blue. I’ve said it numerous times before, but I don’t think I’ll tire of these views any time soon. The fact that it’s what got me out of bed is impressive on it’s own.

What gets you up from bed when you really don’t want to? Share that inspiration with me!

Morning Moon

The views from our home keep enthralling me. The other day was no exception.

I came home from work after a nigh shift and the fog had rolled in. Much like it had the other day. This was a bit different though- as the moon was still visible in the sky.

I zoomed in on my iPhone, but it couldn’t quite make out the moon. However, those colours were amazing. After numerous attempts to get a better photo of the moon, I gave up and retreated to my room.

Right before going to bed for the day, I moved the telescope in our bedroom and aimed towards the moon. I peered through the lens for a bit, entranced by the craters and shadows. I tried to get a photo using my iPhone, but it turned out far too blurry. However, you could still see the shadows on the surface.

It makes me want a better telescope with an attachment to take photos with my iPhone. Perhaps I’ll get one sometime. But for now, I’ll take what I can get. And what I get is beautiful scenery each day that I look out onto the horizon.

Foggy Feels

As autumn slowly approaches, the weather starts to turn. The sun disappears for longer. Rain falls more frequently. And the fog rolls in.

Looking out the back window, we get to enjoy being above the fog. Early mornings brings in a breathtaking view. The sun attempts to bring color to the sky as a gentle mist hovers low. Morning fog reminds me that fall is just around the corner.

Soon it will be Halloween. People will have fog machines going in an attempt to recreate a spooky sensation. When I was younger, these machines were mainly used in nightclubs and amusement parks. Now they are readily available and people love them.

Maybe one day I will own one. But it’s not on my agenda at this time. Even though they are inexpensive, I prefer the natural beauty of early morning fog.

Are you excited for autumn? How do you feel about foggy mornings? Are they spooky and pretty?

Let me know in the comments.

Shady Living

In our last home, the trees gave us plenty of shade. So much so that we never really saw the sky. The trees kept us cool but also threw us off in thinking it was later than it was. Our new place has a more open view with loads of windows. But that is throwing us off in thinking it is earlier than it is.

There is a certain point in the day that the sun burns through our windows blinding us with its light. We have these darkened shades that roll down, so they tend to be used for a few hours each day. They also help to keep the home cool (along with our AC), We can still enjoy looking through the shades at the landscape. It reminds me of viewing old slides on a 35mm slide projector.

As the sun truly begins to set, we pull the blinds back up and enjoy the colourful skyline. Our sectional couch mostly faces the window (and not the TV) allowing for us to enjoy the natural wonders of our city. A glass of wine and the orange sky is a great way to end a work week.

Last Minute Getaway

My wife and I decided on Thursday to get away for a night on our anniversary on the Friday. We found a spot to stay at the Lonsdale Quay Hotel in the Carrie Cates Suite. It has a fantastic 180° of the harbour and Vancouver.

Essentially we were in the “Honeymoon Suite” at the top of Lonsdale Quay. Cost was $294 and included a bottle of wine and breakfast for two. Totally worth the money to have some quality time with my wife.

We enjoyed the sun setting from the tub, and later on enjoyed the city lights across the water. In the morning, we stayed in our room right up until checkout so as to enjoy the cityscape and harbour a bit longer.