How I Became Wealthy by Just Sharing My Life Experiences

I never look at my blog as a way to generate income. I’m not here to sell you anything either. I write because I want to share. Sharing a bit about my life in hopes that others can learn from me. Some of my stories are fun and inspiring. Sometimes the tales I tell are just fluff- a filler as you scroll through on social media. But I choose not to try and make money from this.

But the title of today’s blog is How I Became Wealthy by Just Sharing My Life Experiences. What gives?

The title isn’t a lie. As I approach my 43rd Birthday, I have truly understood the value of life- not the price tags. I have become wealthy from my musings by meeting some fantastic people online, connected with old friends, and even learning more about myself than I ever thought possible.

I hope you have enjoyed what I have shared each day over the years. From anecdotes to positive thoughts- I want to share the secrets of my wealth. Who knows, maybe I’ve made your life richer in some aspect.

Wealthy Ego

Is it at a certain age or a level of income that people begin to feel comfortable financially? I feel like there are times that I’m chasing a dream- just not my dream. Is there a point where being financially secure is equal to the lifestyle I want? Or will I keep dreaming bigger and grander?

For the most part- I love where I am in life. Sure, I could lose a few credit card bills and have more money in my savings set aside. Will that day ever come? I dunno.

Have I hit rock bottom before? You betcha. But it was my rock bottom. A place I didn’t like and got out from it. I hope to never lower the expectations of myself again.

Do I have an ego? Maybe a bit. I’d like to think it’s more a sense of pride. Proud of my family and friends as well. They look like their lives are doing well.

But shhhhhh, we don’t ever discuss wages. We can talk about drugs, alcohol, sex, racism, politics or religion. But how much money we make? Nope, that information stays locked up in a box. Instead people show off their toys, adventures, and purchases to the world. We all know the cost of a new car or tv because of “The Price is Right.” Going into debt overspending isn’t smart though.

Finding a healthy wealth balance is tough. I want to make enough money that I forget that it’s payday and that my bills are covered. Maybe a little extra for a nice vacation.

What are your goals?


As I grow older I find that I have less free time to play around.  Also, the toys that I find myself longing for are getting more expensive.  Having toys occupies your free time.  Having free time is a hot commodity in this day and age.  Most people, myself included, feel that there is never enough “me time” left in a day to enjoy.

Having a family, ie: kids & wife/girlfriend (I don’t have both,that’d be crazy!) takes up most of the time left after working or sleeping.  Even those people have work/school/homework/etc that takes up their precious time.  Over the years, I have found that any leftover time is spent thinking about what to do next.  Not very often do people, myself included, take a breath and just enjoy the moment for longer than a few seconds.  I digress, let’s get back to toys!

I am often taking time to search Craigslist for stuff.  Stuff I think would be neat.  Stuff that would make me feel young.  Stuff that would make me feel like I deserved it.  Mostly, stuff I can’t afford.  

I always wanted a pinball game.  There are about four styles that I’d like to own.  However, after working at Chuck E. Cheese’s, I know they are expensive and a bitch to maintain.  But lights and sounds!

A NEW CAR!  Teslas are nice.  I’d love to own one, not because of the luxury, but because in the long run it would be cheaper than gas.  I just don’t have the initial lump sum payment to justify one.  At this time…

I love this Mercedes Gazelle Replica.  It is much cheaper than a Tesla.  I could find a decent one for about $9000.  However, I don’t have a garage to store it over winter.  That’d cost me a bit to build one first.  Plus, this would only be a “Sunday driver” and I can’t justify that.

Since we do so many road trips, I’ve been trying to convince my wife that we should buy an RV or travel trailer.  My wife made a good point though- our trips usually have us in major cities, RVs don’t belong there.  The kids and I want to do camping more, but my wife doesn’t like tents.  She’s only half sold on “Glamping” so this battle is still in the works.

Finally, the last true expensive luxury item I’d like is a boat.  Maintenance, fuel, more maintenance, more fuel, food, maintenance again- it costs money. But again, it’d be unused most of the time.  My wife and I also don’t agree on what style of boat would suit us.  She would like a bow rider for the lake, I’d like an island hopper with moorage for a weekend getaway.  Another stalemate.

Toys are fun.  So I’ll just stick with the ones I have.  Like our theater room and my train garden.  I get more use and joy from those than I probably would a boat or an RV.  It won’t stop me from searching Craigslist or eBay though.

Oh look!  A DeLorean for sale…