Buy The Corn!!!

My wife has been super excited about buying corn this year. She has been mentioning it for weeks on end. There is a small corn stand just a few blocks away from us that we can see from our backyard. There is also a Facebook group devoted to the corn stand. It’s from Bose Farm (which is also the land our home is originally from…)

This morning my wife was up early and watching out the window. She grabbed a pair of binoculars when she saw a car stop. Corn was available! Today was the day to buy corn.

We got out of bed and rushed out to the box of corn. A dozen cobs of farm fresh corn for $5 is well worth the early trip. We will be enjoying it this weekend for Thanksgiving with the family. Yes, I do enjoy corn as well.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can bring us joy. My wife getting that farm fresh corn she wanted is right up there!

Do you like corn on the cob as much as she does? Have you been buying farm fresh corn this season? Let me know in the comments.

Home Cooked Memories

Taking pictures of a meal might seem a little bit facetious and cringe worthy at times. But I appreciate that I shared them years ago, because it has inspired me to make the same or very similar meals again.

Years ago, we made a “Surf n’ Turf” dinner. Steak, pasta, and crab. We are outdoors on our back deck- which was always something that my wife and I have done. The blue plates have been put aside for a few years now, same with those old placemats. So I know this picture is a few years old.

Last night we had almost the same meal. A steak with pasta and crab. The only change was instead of an Alfredo sauce, we had sautéed spinach with garlic butter. Again though, we are outside on our back deck to enjoy the meal. This time instead of trees and dusk settling in on us, we were watching the clouds roll on by.

I love to cook and try creating new meals. Sometimes classics are equally as amazing. Once you make a perfect steak- you always want to try and recreate that moment. Taking a picture of some of our other meals has inspired me to make them more often. Homemade breads are popular in our household, yet we don’t make them very often.

Do you take pictures of your meals? I’m glad I do. Especially when you don’t know what to have for dinner. Boom- inspiration.

Apple Pie For Thanksgiving

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. Today we are making a turkey for dinner. But yesterday, I made a few desserts that I am really proud of.

Specifically I made two apple pies from scratch- Including the pastry. Which was surprisingly easy to do. It’s just that the pastry needed to cool for a minimum of four hours or overnight in the fridge. So I actually made the dough the night before just to be ready for Saturday. In all honesty, not including baking time or waiting for pastry- apple pie only takes about twenty minutes to prepare.

I did prepare the apples with my daughter’s help. I had done the peeling and slicing while she added the flour, sugar and cinnamon. She stirred it all up and I filled the pie crusts. It was a good team effort and I enjoyed her company along the way.

For the tops of the pies, I did one in a lattice style and the other was just a dough cover with venting holes cut in. Once that was done, I sprinkled some leftover “churro sugar” I had saved. A perfect topping of cinnamon and sugar.

So far I am satisfied with how the pies turned out. They look and smell terrific. After dinner will be the taste test. Not sure what your stance is, but I believe apple pie is far superior to pumpkin pie.

I love warm apple pie a la mode as well. That is the best combination ever created. Mmmm ice cream and pie. I cannot wait for the Turkey to be done so I can enjoy some pie.