Commitment to myself

Patting myself on the back today.

100! Go Me!

I made 100 posts over 100 days.  Today is number 101.  

It was challenging to say the least.  Oftentimes I found myself struggling to come up with a topic or I found myself repeating something I already wrote about.  I think my writing style is getting better.  As well, more people are reading what I write.  I’ve had a few posts hit numbers I never thought would happen, and I’ve had a few posts that I am really proud of but they never got the attention I had hoped for. That’s ok.  What I voice is a look into who I am.  Not everyone will appreciate it, not everyone will care either.  But this has been a fun journey.  I’m going to keep my daily posts going.  

If you enjoy them, find me on Facebook at Josef A. Havelka and like my page.  I can also be found on Instagram & Twitter under the name Binarydigit01.  I tend to post more on Instagram because there is so much to see in this world.  Twitter, I usually retweet stories that interest me.

Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog.

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