Living In The Moment

It’s coming up to the end of the school year. Less than a month to go! It also means pressure on my children in many aspects. There are final exams, school projects and of course- performances.

Our children are finishing up their third year at the Langley Fine Arts School. All three children are majoring in music. The two youngest are also in the drama program. The school likes to have kids take a second Arts program until they start Grade 9. Earlier this week, our daughters had their year end performance for music and choir.

Our oldest was also performing with the Concert Band before the choir took the stage. She was in the percussion section playing the chimes and marimba. She took to these instruments partly because she enjoys being more in the background, but also because of her years of piano playing. After the concert band finished their part- the choirs came out. The venue chosen by the school was a Cathedral in Vancouver with excellent sound refraction. It was a pleasure to hear them perform in this location.

Today my son has two performances to do. One was already this morning. The other is this evening inside the theater at the school. For being in Grade 6, I’m impressed with everything he has taken on. From learning trumpet and violin this year to rehearsing his lines for drama. He has pushed himself to do his best.

When our kids were younger, we filmed every performance. But now that they are older, I prefer to just watch them. Living in the moment and not viewing life through a screen is very fulfilling. I have a chance to appreciate their talents. Watching them as they mature and grow into their artistic abilities is inspiring.

The Fine Arts School has been one of the greatest decisions my wife and I made for our children. Who knows what the future will bring for them. Only a few more years remain to enjoy these magical moments. I plan on seeing every single one.

I’m An Electrician Too Now

Being a homeowner is a never ending job. Besides daily and weekly cleaning, there is landscaping, maintenance and home improvements. I don’t mind most of the time I spend on our home. In fact, I’m generally pretty happy with the results. It’s just getting to the right results that are tough.

I’ve mentioned before that I hate the Plumbing in our home. I’ve mentioned it on more than just that one occasion: Am I a Writer or a Plumber, Home Repairs. I’ve also mentioned home renovations numerous times such as in Making A Home and it’s a love/hate relationship some days. Today may be one of those days.

I’m going to embark on an electrical project today. We have an addition that was added onto our home back in the 90’s. A sunroom was enclosed from what used to be a deck. It looks wonderful and lets in a lot of light. However the problem is that *some* of the electrical is connected to our living room on one breaker. This means we have blown a fuse from time to time.

There is a plug outside the sunroom that is not working any more, so I need to fix that. We also have a light switch that is connected to an outside floodlight that we never use. So I’m going to re-wire it to be used for another socket instead.

All of this means I may have to turn off numerous circuit breakers to figure out which one is which and what is connected to what. I need to do this before I go in the attic and start to regret my decision to re-wire a switch.

We also have a workshop (aka mini barn) that has had the lights stop working. No idea how or why. It’s another project to get fixed so that I can clean the barn and fix the back wall that is rotting away.

Anyways, time to put on my electrician hat and see what can be done. Hopefully it’s all easy. But with a home built in the early 70’s- not likely.

The Pinterest Plans

A few years back, I was addicted to Pinterest. So much so that I’d kill the battery on my iPhone regularly. Then one day it stopped. I think it was because I had saved all these wonderful ideas, but never did any.

It has been ages since I’ve logged into my Pinterest account. However, I do remember certain things I kept looking for. Mostly to do with our garden and doing it on the cheap.

We have an acre to work with. Lots of old growth as well as large trees. I have taken the time to move things around in the yard and have cut back some of the overgrown parts. It’s a labour of love.

Even animals love to hang out on our property. Our dog Lex is super lazy and never chases the squirrels away. We have numerous bird nests hidden in places like the wood shed and throughout trees. So we have a bird feeder that is always filled to keep them happy. And the squirrels love to run along our fence and up the trees.

Like a regular Disney Princess film- we just need more singing in the yard.

Pinterest was always something that kept me creating visions for our property. “Up Cycling” is still a hot trend. We have a collection of junk that is turning into Instagram hashtags. All with stuff we had already in our possession. This year’s spring cleaning and yard setup hasn’t cost me a penny. Thanks to some old ideas from Pinterest. I did toss a couple of our old toilets. I wasn’t really wanting the white trash planters in my yard. I’m glad I don’t go on Pinterest anymore.

But I still think about making stuff from old pallets I have…

Retreat to Leavenworth

My wife and I are looking at a couple of nights away this summer to celebrate our anniversary. Obviously without kids. She has found a place just south of us called Leavenworth. It is a cute Bavarian style village.

It looks like a quiet romantic village set in the mountains. There’s a Cheese Shop and a Nutcracker Museum as well- how exciting! Besides checking those two places out, we plan on floating down the river, hitting the local breweries and possibly a wine tour. Mostly we want to have a couple of casual “nothing days”. Maybe even a SPA Day…

Looking at places to stay- we are most likely going to do a Bed & Breakfast. A little bit of privacy and pampering to rejuvenate our relationship. We did the Heritage House Bed & Breakfast in Harrison Hot Springs for our honeymoon 17 years ago. We returned to that same place for our one year anniversary since we liked it so much. It seems we like going to little European themed villages.

I’m looking forward to just walking the streets holding my wife’s hand. We are a couple of goofy romantics at heart. Pretty sure by the end of the trip, a nutcracker will come home with us.

If you’ve been to Leavenworth, or have any tips, please let me know!

Fortnite Paintball Party

I like our PS4. I mostly use it to watch movies. Same with my family. We have a few games for it that I have played from time to time. My wife is killer at “Dig Dug” classic. But I don’t game like I once did. That is now for a younger generation. Mostly my son. So I guess the PS4 is more his than anyone else’s. Just don’t let him know.

My 12 year old son plays the game “Fortnite” on the PS4. I’m okay with this. It’s a poplar game and he wants to keep up with his friends at school. Nothing worse than being the “NOOB” at any game. He is pretty good at it… I think. I have also allowed him to play “Call of Duty” and a few others of the same style. He knows that I’ll sit and watch him play. We finally bought him a headset so that I don’t hear him anymore when I’m not in the room.

Last night I dropped him off at a birthday party sleepover. The boys there were already playing Fortnite. My son marched in and smack talk was in full swing. The plan was for some gaming overnight and then in the morning off to try some paintball!

I’m excited for my son to try paintball for the first time. Nothing like the thrill of trying not to get shot by a marble sized pellet that explodes. I think he’s in for a world of hurt by the end of it. I was about his age when I first tried paintball. Come to think of it- that was the only time I tried paintball. Because I sucked.

We shall see how my son fares. Maybe he will be better at it than I was. My strategy was to use all my paintballs quickly and just keep firing. In first person shooter video games- I tend to “run’n’gun”. Not a good plan. I also do that in all of my nerf wars and water gun fights. I’m the target practice by the end it seems.

I can’t wait to hear about my son’s adventures. Hopefully he has a blast and doesn’t just get blasted away like his old man did.

Refreshment Memory

Friday night I picked up four bottles of “Clearly Canadian” from a 7-11 store. I used to drink these back in grade 10/11 in the early 90’s. I think most teens at the time drank them as well. I wanted to taste them again and have my children to try these drinks.

The bottling is the same as it once was. I really liked this fact. Cracking open each bottle, the smells were familiar. The tastes were exactly the same. Which meant- they weren’t that good…

Nope. I now remember not liking these very much. The flavors are extremely artificial tasting and far too sweet for a bottle sparkling water. Even my children commented about how they tasted like different candies as they sampled each one.

In the end, my memory of these drinks was muddled to say the least. I remember heading to the local convenience store by my high school and buying them on occasion. Usually because a girl I was with wanted one. As a teen boy, I tried to impress a girl by trying to like what she liked. But my memory of the taste eluded me until I sampled them again. I can honestly say, never again. (To both the drinks and trying to impress someone.)

I should’ve learned my lesson two years ago when I bought a Crystal Pepsi. That was my 90’s drink which had vanished and reappeared briefly. It too was not amazing in any way. Just a gimmicky idea praying on my nostalgia. I do love my Sodas though.

I need to stop buying into this. All I can say is that Orbitz better not hit the shelves again… they weren’t very good. Although we all know I’d have to buy it.

A Star Wars Story

Last night I took my family to see the latest Star Wars film: Solo:A Star Wars Story. It was very enjoyable. Here’s an opinion about this new part of the franchise without spoilers.

I was worried that when Disney started announcing that they were branching off from the original storyline that the films wouldn’t be good. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was an excellent film that filled the gap of what happened in the Star Wars Universe between Episode 3 and 4. Solo: A Star Wars Story is also great in its execution. It introduces beloved characters from the original trilogies with quite a compelling backstory.

After watching Solo last night it made me think of Star Wars: Phantom Menace and how that film should really fit into the franchise.

Ok, truth be told- I have a small soft spot for Episode 1. It was the first film released at Colossus back in 1999. At a job where my life changed drastically. It was also one of the last films I took my father to. He enjoyed it the way a young child would. Perhaps it was the morphine pills he was on, but he loved Jar-Jar Binks… So SW:EP1 has some special memories in my life.

Looking back at Episode 1 I realize that perhaps it should be considered part of this new “A Star Wars Story” idea. It was never accepted as a good film in the Skywalker universe. But as a side story, it actually does work.

If Phantom Menace was released today into this new category: “A Star Wars Story” would it be a better film? You betcha. Fans would accept it easier than trying to accept it as a start of the prequel trilogy. And it wouldn’t get poo-pooed as bad with the critics as it was in 1999 because of this.

So that’s my spoiler free opinion.

Ps. I love Star Wars films. Just sayin’.

Go For A Soda?

I love drinking soda pop. I always have. Pop is the best. Kim Mitchell agrees:

Sugary sweet carbonated beverages. Mmmm so bad for my teeth and my stomach. But I don’t care. Delicious flavors flow over my palette. I don’t have a favorite. They’re all my favorite.

Throw in some ice cream and you have a beautiful treat. Drink it in a soda shoppe just to enjoy the experience.

When I was younger, I could go to the corner store and buy a 750ml glass bottle of Pepsi or Coke. My parents went to a local place called “Pick-A-Pop” where the flavors were basic but super sweet. The lime and the orange flavor were far too candy tasting. I fell in love with cream soda and root beer as a youngster. I miss “The Pop Shoppe“.

We now carbonate our own water and add flavor to it. I love the cream soda, but my kids hate it. They like the pink grapefruit, lemon/lime, and watermelon flavors. It’s not the same as buying a glass bottle. But making soda at home has brought joy to my kids.

Nobody cries.

Husband and Wife Team

My wife and I have been a great team for what seems like forever. Or at least since the year 2000.

We don’t have set chores or defined responsibilities, we just do our best to run the household. Together we are making it work. When one of us is overwhelmed, the other picks up the slack. No fights, no begging, no remorse- just a helping hand whenever needed.

A phrase used by some of my coworkers is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work“. This is especially true in our household. We are a team. A team of crazy people trying to make it through the universe.

Our dream is to have a happy household. It doesn’t come easy either. There is so much on the table that is happening: school, chores, jobs, driving, shopping, cleaning… the list goes on and on. We have to work together to keep it cohesive.

Laughing, joking, talking, listening, caring, comforting… Our home is happy. Our children are happy. My wife and I are happy. Somehow it’s all working out. Our dreams are being fulfilled every day. We are doing our best as husband and wife/ mother and father.

Seasonal Allergies

I suffer from allergies.


Now is the time of year that allergies kick in full force. Kick me in the face full force!

I blame cottonwood! That shit is everywhere. It’s causing watery eyes, runny nose and respiratory issues. Every year I swear gets worse. Ah-Choo was a brief glimpse into my hatred of this season. Did I mention the white Cottonwood sea of misery that spreads across the roads and flies through the air?

The best way for me to survive (besides solitary confinement) is using Costco sized meds on these horrible days. Ugh.

Bring me more meds!

May Day Parade 2018

For the first time ever, a couple of our children have been involved in a parade. They were really excited to be a part of it, and I think it has been a great experience for them.

Fort Langley has had this parade ongoing for nearly 100 years. That in itself is exciting. It is generally a place to show off small businesses, clubs, and promote a sense of community. We have previously taken our children to watch these parades when they were little. As well, prior to having a family, I worked at the theater and was a part of a couple of these parades.

Our children met up with a group of speed skaters to promote our club- The Langley Blades. All of the kids were full of smiles from the start all the way through, as the marched down the streets of Fort Langley. Our children enjoyed seeing their friends who were also promoting other groups in the parade. Even along the streets, their classmates and friends called out to them and waved. Little kids in the crowd were so happy that candy was being handed out!

I ran into some old friends along the route and stopped to talk. Seems most parents are here to watch and support their own children as well in the parade. There is a sense of pride to see your children out there- I waved to the ones I knew and could see the smiles on each and every one of them- even if they didn’t recognize me.

All-in-all I’m glad that my children volunteer their time and are very proud of what they do. Maybe a couple more parades are in order over the next few years?

Working From Home

My wife has been a stay-at-home parent since our first child was born. To generate some extra income, my wife began Her Own Business that she could do from home. It has been moderately successful and she has enjoyed it for the most part. Over the past few weeks, she has taken on a regular 40 hour work week for Shopify and she still gets to work from home.

My wife has been really good about it. She has figured out the right way to “check out” when she is done for the day. Even when she would get emails late at night for her business- it never bothered her enough that she would let it interfere with her home life. Working from home is definitely something that I feel she has successfully conquered.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be covering a coworker’s vacation. I will be working remotely from home for most of it. The hardest part is that I need to be available 24 hours/day for phone calls. Most of this time I will need to be able to access my laptop fairly quickly- unless I know the answer (or can fake my way through). Because this territory is new to me, I am unsure of how to balance time with my friends and family while continuing to monitor work.

I hope that I can create a stable environment for myself and that I can do this without regretting taking on a new challenge.

Only time will tell.


This morning in bed, my wife mentioned that we haven’t had pancakes for breakfast in a long time. After some thought, I don’t recall the last time we did make pancakes. Maybe near Christmas? So guess what we’re having today.

I miss pancakes. They are easy and tasty. To make them more interesting we sometimes add chocolate chips. We also have a couple of special pancake pans that offer up shapes. This allows the kids to pour the syrup into the spaces formed, making large puddles of sweetness.

I think owning a “Pancake Printer” would be fun. Although not very practical as it took a while to make the pancakes. Meaning they weren’t warm when served.

Today is just plain ol’ pancakes though. We will enjoy some ham as a side dish instead of bacon or sausages. I’m making myself hungry. Time to start cooking up breakfast!

Long Weekend May 2018

It’s Friday before the May Long weekend. I’ve picked up the kids from school and saw that the freeway heading out of town was busier than a regular Friday. Campers, boats, minivans and SUVs departing for some time away from it all.

Not us.

This weekend we have no out of town plans. In fact our regular Friday plan of going to the Speed Skating Coaches on the Lake has been cancelled. But only because our one daughter is getting over being sick and our oldest daughter volunteered this morning. She helped to set out sandbags on a reserve to protect the homes from flooding. (I’m really proud of her for doing such a great thing for the community without being asked.)

This weekend for us will mostly be at home doing yard work. Sunday we are invited to a bbq so we will likely go there. And on Monday our two youngest are in a parade to promote our local Speed Skating Club. But if the weather is nice, we are tackling this crazy acre of ours! So many weeds…

What Did You Do All Day?

I thought I was going to have very productive day today. I woke up at 4:30 and went into work on my day off to prepare for the next couple of weeks while I look after another train master’s territory. I figured I’d be home by lunch and would continue on with my day. Instead, I was home by 9:30. I now had the entire day ahead of me. So I made a big breakfast for myself. That’s about as productive as I got.

I quickly realized that I needed a nap. I have been on a night shift schedule for a couple of months and my body was just upset at me for waking up so early. After my nap, I woke up to have lunch. I still had half a day to go. I could still do something productive.

Suddenly my smartphone sucked me into the interwebs until it was time to pick up the kids from school. Crap. A couple of more hours wasted. As I drove the kids home and we got to talking about homework and what we needed to get done before dinner. We came home and…

The Internet sucked me back in. I have been bouncing around from site to site, video to video, social media to social media. Like opening the fridge, staring blankly- just to shut the door and open it again.

My eyes and brain have gotten weary once more. Time for nap number 2 of the day before dinner. My productive day has become a washout. There’s always tomorrow. At least after dinner I am going to the movies with some friends. Better that I nap now and not at the theater.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

A Dozen Years

My son is turning 12 today. That’s a dozen years of having a mini me around.

It’s uncanny how much he looks and acts like I did/do. Because of this, I can see how much my father got annoyed with me.

But I also love that my son looks up to me as a role model. Sometimes I need to see myself through his eyes in order to be a better father.

He is definitely a lot like I was as a child. A love of LEGO, playing outdoors, video games and movies are all things I enjoyed as well. I never knew how much I wanted a son until we had him. He is one of the greatest joys I have in my life.

Happy Birthday Theory!

Love, Dad.

Driver’s Tan

The sun is out and the heat is now in full force. Driving in my car, I prefer to roll the windows down and drive with the wind blowing in. I think every car I have ever owned has had AC, but I don’t like to use it. Plus, how can everyone else enjoy my loud music if the windows are shut?

I enjoy resting my arm on the edge of the door while the window is down. It’s a casual feel and keeps me calm while I drive. The only problem is that I get a funky one sided tan that is worse than a “Farmer’s Tan“.

The dreaded “Driver’s Tan“.

At the end of my evening commute to work yesterday, I felt like Richard Dreyfuss from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. My arm was warm and the side of my face was beginning to feel it as well. The only way to balance this out is to become a passenger in the car and hope that the sun beats down on the opposite side.

But the sun is great and makes everyone a bit happier. I love that the weather is spectacular these days. For the past 25 years or so, I have survived every summer’s “Driver’s Tan“. I think I’ll survive this years as well.

My Pleasure

“My Pleasure”

I learned that quote from my Disney Training back in my days of the movie theater. (I also learned a four finger point, but that’s not important here). I still use the term “My Pleasure” everyday. No matter what type of interaction I have. It is one of my favorite sayings instead of “You’re welcome.” or “No Problem.”

Here’re the reasons such a phrase works well as a response to them saying, “Thank You.”. “You’re Welcome.” Implies that the actions fall solely on the other person.

“No Problem.” Is forcing a negative connotation into your response. People hear the first word and it creates a poor emotional response.

“My Pleasure.” Shows that you care about what you are doing for the other person.

I recently had a “Chat Conversation” with an Apple representative. He used the term “My Pleasure” three times during it. In the the end he was very helpful, so I kept the conversation upbeat. Using positive terminology helped in getting my issue resolved quickly and efficiently.

What I have learned is that using positivity gets positive results.

Push Present

Okay. So it’s Mother’s Day- and that’s the greatest thing ever. Being a mom is awesome. I’m really happy that my wife and I have three kids together. But recently I found out about something weird. Something that wasn’t around until recently.

It’s called a “Push Present“.

Yes, there is a new thing out there that means that a woman deserves a gift as she gives birth. Call me “old fashioned” but the gift of birth is pretty amazing as it is. The idea of a guy buying a gift (ahem- jewelry) for his lovely lady as she gives birth seems a bit outrageous.

I never bought a “Push Present” for my wife. It was never a thing. The other day we found out about this and both of us were astounded at the idea. It seems that society has created new events that encourage spending now more than ever. Mother’s Day is already important. I love my wife and the kids we have. She knows this and she doesn’t need more gifts.

But I guess if you want to make good in today’s community- you better play nice and buy another gift.

The “Not-So-Secret” Secret To A Good BBQ

BBQ season is here! Flames, food, and friends. I love to barbecue. I have gotten pretty good at making food. Here are the secrets I utilize:

First a decent grill. Mine is okay and has five lengthwise individual burners. Prefect for when you need to use indirect heat for food such as brisket or ribs. Keeping good care of your grill is important as well. I always scrape the grills after they cool off and again before I start my meal. A few times a season I also clean the bottom of the barbecue of any crispy bits.

Next is taking the time to cook your meals. I like to start at a high heat in order to get a nice grill mark. I also add a third of a turn in order to create a “diamond grill mark”. The high heat is done within the first 2 minutes. Then I turn the heat down to medium or low depending on what I’m cooking. Usually I flip at this point in order to get a quick grill mark on the opposite side. Then cook slow and steady.

The biggest secret is having people to share the food with. I love serving friends and family. Here’s to good food and good times!

Quick Kitchen Makeover

Our kitchen is stuck in the early 90’s. It needs a revitalization. Badly. But we can’t afford it.

It has oak cabinets and white appliances. All still very functional. So forking over a few thousand to upgrade isn’t in the budge at this point in time. I painted the handles on the cupboards black a few years ago. So there’s that.

About 8 years ago, I had inserted new pot lights into the drop down ceiling. I am also really into steampunk, so I spray painted our ceiling tiles copper with black trim. It looked cool, but the kitchen was so dark even with new lights we had to do something about it. I tried adding more lights, but that didn’t help.

Over the course of the past couple days, I have been pulling off the ceiling tiles and painting them white. Suddenly our kitchen is brighter and looks bigger. All it cost me was a can of paint and a few hours labor. I’m happy with the results.

It’ll keep me from spending a few thousand dollars for at least another 5 years.

Friends For a Lifetime

On Friday I messaged an old friend. The week before, I messaged another old friend. Every week I try and contact someone I don’t normally speak with with. Someone who I don’t see as much as I once did. Usually I get a response. I don’t impose a fake “let’s get together” message. I just send a quick note saying, “hey buddy- just thinking of you.”

Using Facebook is a great way to see how everyone is doing. Sometimes the status updates make me want to just reach out and say “hey.”

I don’t like losing friends. In fact, most people I knew or know, end up being in my life for a long time. Sometimes it’s nostalgic reasons, sometimes I just value seeing what they are up to. I hate losing friends though. It’s always hard to see that come to an end.

But if a friendship ends, there must be a reason. I don’t dwell on it the way I once did ten years ago- when I first got on Facebook. Now I just let it end without guilt or questioning why. There have even been occasional instances where I’ve had to end a friendship on social media. It takes quite a bit for me to pull the plug. But it is known to happen.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch. It’s a good way to peer into a person’s life without having to expect much in return. I hope people don’t expect much from me these days… But I will randomly say something to them.

I wonder who I should message tomorrow?

Blockbuster Movies 2018

This is the first year I have been excited about movies in a very long time. We went to see Avengers as a family and it was great. I’ve already bought advanced tickets to a couple of upcoming films as well.

I’m taking my wife next Thursday to the VIP Cinema to watch Deadpool 2 with a couple of our friends. I enjoy the VIP since it is for adults only. Where they have comfy seats, serve beer and there are no children. Always a good way to enjoy a film such as Deadpool 2.

The Thursday after, I am taking the family to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. I’m excited about this one. Because STAR WARS! But also because it is the first branching off to show a back story of a beloved character. If this one is good, I expect more similar films (with potential crossovers like in the MCU).

Later this summer is Incredibles 2. The first one was a blast, and I like the idea of superheroes having regular struggles in everyday life as well as being heroes.

Jurassic World 2 looks like a fun campy ride. The first one really brought back the feel of the original Jurassic Park. I will see this no matter what, because Dino-sours!

There are many more films coming up this summer and I will be spending money at the VIP, the drive-in and the local IMAX. I hope to enjoy them with friends and family!

Blockbuster Movies 2018

This is the first year I have been excited about movies in a very long time. We went to see Avengers as a family and it was great. I’ve already bought advanced tickets to a couple of upcoming films as well.

I’m taking my wife next Thursday to the VIP Cinema to watch Deadpool 2 with a couple of our friends. I enjoy the VIP since it is for adults only. Where they have comfy seats, serve beer and there are no children. Always a good way to enjoy a film such as Deadpool 2.

The Thursday after, I am taking the family to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. I’m excited about this one. Because STAR WARS! But also because it is the first branching off to show a back story of a beloved character. If this one is good, I expect more similar films (with potential crossovers like in the MCU).

Later this summer is Incredibles 2. The first one was a blast, and I like the idea of superheroes having regular struggles in everyday life as well as being heroes.

Jurassic World 2 looks like a fun campy ride. The first one really brought back the feel of the original Jurassic Park. I will see this no matter what, because Dino-sours!

There are many more films coming up this summer and I will be spending money at the VIP, the drive-in and the local IMAX. I hope to enjoy them with friends and family!

Just Too Tired To Care

Since my wife has been training for her new job, I have been taking on the duty of picking up the kids from school. The hardest part is that it happens to be right at the tail end of my sleep before going to a night shift. I like to make sure I get as much sleep as possible every “day”. So I need to maximize my time.

This means that I get out of bed at the last possible moment and drive to get my children from school. I don’t generally get out of the car, so I have resorted to staying in my pajamas. That way when I get back home, I crawl back into bed and get another hour or so of much needed sleep.

I could get up and change into a pair of pants and a T-shirt, but that requires time and effort. So now my kids are used to their dad being a lazy bum. They know to be ready for me as soon as the bell rings, otherwise I will exit the car to find them. Good times… good times.

To all the parents out there that care about their kids- We’re all in it together, so just be comfortable and enjoy life. Your children will be embarrassed by you anyhow, might as well live it up and delight in a bit of eccentricity.