Making it up as I go…

The title of my Blog.  More often than not I am sharing stories from my past.  When I first began my blog, I wasn’t quite sure how or what I wanted to write.  I’ve written for 136 days straight now.  I’ve had a few thousand views and a few thousand different visitors.  (These numbers don’t count the regulars readers- thank you to all of you by the way!)

Munchkin Net Troll.

Writing is tough.  Nothing I write is the greatest thing ever written.  I was expecting one day to get trolled and then experience the desire to want to give up.  That day hasn’t come yet.  Whew.  But, I know it’s on the horizon…  I’m not going to focus on that possibility at this time.


I am a fan of autobiographies and science fiction/fantasy.  Writing about myself so far has been fun.  I am thinking about sharing some short stories once a week. Little bits of fiction that come to my mind.  I wasn’t sure where to start, so I looked to my personal hero- Wil Wheaton (read about it Here).  He has written short works of sci-fi based on an image that he sees.  I think this is an excellent approach into generating inspiration.  

I’m not the only one who needs a bottle of this.

I am going to take a bit more time in creating my short works of fiction.  I hope to post weekly starting Saturday June 18th.  Please enjoy my Short Story Saturdays.  But as always, please continue to enjoy the daily musings that I share.  Thanks again for the fantastic feedback and allowing my momentum to build.

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