Rest and Relaxation

Day one of vacation began at the end of a 12 hour night shift.  And it was Go Time right from the beginning.  I had planned an early arrival at the ferry terminal to connect with a ferry about an hour and a half later.  So I took a nap in the back seat of our Nissan Pathfinder. 

We boarded the vessel and I took another nap in the back seat with our puppy.  Our kids went onto the upper deck and played some cards- like typical BC ferry riders! I had a tough time falling asleep because a car alarm was going off two rows over throughout most of the ferry ride.

Our puppy enjoyed the time we had sleeping.  He also enjoyed going for walks at the ferry terminal. Lots of neat smells and places to mark apparently.  He was even treated to a couple 67¢ McDonald’s Hamburgers.  McDonald’s was doing a one day promotion to celebrate 50 years in Canada!  Thank you for the dog food McDicks!

We stopped in Coombs again on the drive up to Gramma’s.  I wasn’t hallucinating, there was a goat on the roof.  And it was a busy little location.  Picked up some road trip candied and smoked salmon before we were on our way again.  A couple brewery stops to fill some growlers were a must as well.

We stopped along the water for a few more photos and I discovered some new friends.  These guys rock!  One was named Potato Rock and he came with us because he needed a new home. We made it to Gramma’s home and I took another nap. Now it’s dinner time and I’m going to crack a bomber from one of the breweries.

A good start to my vacation. Cheers everybody!

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