Christmas Films: The Good and The Bad

Ugh. Bad Christmas films are everywhere. With a few classics scattered throughout. I have opinions on many of people’s favorites as well. Unfortunately I also pick films apart ever since working at the movie theater. Christmas movies are particularly prone to my criticisms. So here’s a brief list of my least favorite films:


This film has no merits. Just an overgrown man child screaming his way through an adventure. The creepy ass scene in the woman’s change room singing My least favorite holiday song is particularly bothersome.

Polar Express

This film has some creepy animation. I can’t watch it. Same with Jim Carrey’s Christmas Carol. I can’t enjoy this style of animation.

Home Alone 2,3,4,…

I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch these films again. The first one was original but has been sullied by bad sequels that it is falling into the bad category.

There are plenty of other bad Christmas films out there as well. But those are my top disliked ones. I have some favorites that need to be viewed every year as well, that may not be everyone’s favorites:


This is just cheesy. And bad. Bad in a good way. The sequel was bad. In a bad film way. Don’t watch the sequel.

Die Hard 1&2

I wrote about this one last year: Die Hard IS A Christmas Movie. No need to go into further details.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

“The shitter was full.” But my favorite part about this film is the subtle jokes- like the scene shopping in Walmart with dog food and light bulbs. Brilliant and quick.

A Christmas Story

This film is my absolute favorite of the holiday season. It is a must watch on Christmas Eve each year. I’m still waiting for a lamp to be given to me one year…

There are so many films for the season. But as each of these are relatively popular, I figured I’d touch on them. With only a few days left before Christmas, we need to watch these to get ourselves into the Christmas Spirit.

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