Monday Funday In Tokyo DisneySea (Day 2)

We nailed this entire vacation and had a ton of fun doing it. We also did more than expected with a couple impromptu events- Hello Kitty Cafe and a Rickshaw Ride to name a couple. So we earned an extra day to either wind down or do something else. The family voted for a second day at DisneySea!

We woke up at 05:00am and made our way to the train at 5:45. All of us excited, and a bit loopy from an early start. We made it to DisneySea early enough to get a better spot in line and buy the tickets.

As soon as we entered, I rushed over to Toy Story Mania to grab a FastPass. At 08:30 our FastPass was for 18:15. And moments later, they were all gone. We then lined up for Tower of Terror for almost 2 hours. The line was moving slowly, so I ducked out and grabbed a FastPass for the Indiana Jones Ride (which again ran out quickly). When I returned- my family had already made it on the ride. Dang. I missed out. But at least they had a great time on it.

Our day was just filled with silliness. We skipped around the park, smiling and laughing all day long. Occasionally getting on the Steamliner and Electric Trolley and wandering back and forth across the park. I think we ended up in the Lost River Delta and the Mysterious Island a few more times than we should have.

We ended our day with a viewing of Fantasmic. After it ended, we ran to Mysterious Island once more to get in line for one last ride on Journey to the Center of the Earth. My son wanted to shut the park down. In line, I made a fan club of young men who kept wanting to get a picture of me with them. It was a lot of fun.

The train ride back to the hotel- my son was sleeping. At midnight we finally hit our beds. It was the longest day we have had in Tokyo, but so much fun. We are going to miss this place.

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