I don’t take compliments very well.  In fact, I’m often very modest in that aspect.  (My wife may disagree with me, but she would be wrong.)  I also have a tendency to give credit where credit is due.  I won’t take kudos for something that wasn’t originally my idea.

I’m not saying I don’t have an ego.  I already boost my ego regularly by commenting on how awesome I am.  I also over exaggerate the importance of something trivial that I accomplished (like change the toilet paper roll).  I enjoy being that way because even the smallest of gestures sometimes need a bit of sarcasm and fun.  Oh look!  I refilled the paper in the photocopier when it wasn’t even low!  

When my children were younger we commented on what a great job they did at nearly everything.  Just like most parents.  At first we were proud of their accomplishments.  Learning to walk or brushing their teeth, but over time- children needed constant validation for everything they did.

I’m not searching for validation.  I figure doing a good job is satisfying enough.  And I do a good job.  *pats self on back* 

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