Living Like Walt

Recently a friend shared a video about Disneyland and Walt’s fascination with trains. Check it out here: Lost Disneyland. Beside the fact that I work at a railroad, my life is a reflection of Walt’s on a not-so-grand scale.

I love films and their abilty to take us away on a visual journey from our seats. Disney always made remarkable movies.  My childhood contained many memories of “The Wonderful World of Disney”, VHS rentals, and movie theater matinees. This continued until my mid-twenties.  It was a time that I began working at Colossus and had a friend working in a video store.  Movies were an integral part for the start of my adulthood or at least my early twenties. Movies are a way that I continue to bond with my children.  With Disney taking on Marvel and Star Wars- I imagine many more years of family time to come.

It all started with a mouse.” My real career also began with a mouse.  While working at the movie theater, I fell into a position as a manager at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Where I remained for almost five years. During that time, my coworker got a job as a switchman at CN Rail.  I followed him shortly thereafter. My family has benefited from all of the paths I have chosen.  

In a sense our home is like Disneyland.  There are ongoing changes and future visions to improve how we live. There is also a bit of fantasy spread throughout. From our own theater room to a forest with woodland critters-including a small railroad in our garden.  Our home is also always open for friends to come by and just relax. 

Walt was an inspiration.  He had dreams. Dreams that continue on years after his passing. I hope for my dreams to be passed on to my family and friends. 

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