It’s Growing On Me

This facial hair thing is starting to grow on me.(hahaha) I’m not sure that I will shave it off on Nov. 25 as originally intended. I may need to stylize it in a fresh new way.  I’ve seen some unique designs online.  But I’m not quite at that caliber.

It would take me far too long to get my beard to a level that I could become competitive with.  But I think I could shave some sort of imagery or design into it. Have a look at the fun I could try:

I could try for a “Bat-stache” and be heroic looking. Only thing is that my hairs are light in colour and as I trim them, they’d almost disappear.

I may be able to get away with a monkey tail. Shave a lovely curve around my lips could be playful and fun.  But with Christmas coming up, I think I need to just add glitter:

Or simply shave it off. I can’t decide if I should keep the beard or let it go.

I look alright with it. Maybe I’ll keep it for the winter to keep my cheeks warm. I guess I’ll just wait and see.

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