What To Give…

The last 24 hours has been a bit emotionally rough in our household. There’s something going on with our teenager and she isn’t willing to share. She is creating a struggle in our home with no right way to resolve things. So I’m feeling pretty beat down- and so is my wife. I’m being left with a choice:

I can give up.

I can give in.

Or I can give it all I have.

I’m not sure where I am at currently. My mood is full of curse words and frustration. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude towards life. But at this moment, I feel like I can only think about myself and nobody else. I’m not playing “good cop bad cop” with my wife- that won’t work this time around. I’m also not wanting to say something to our daughter about how she is acting that I may end up regretting later.

So here is today’s Friday blog post- a crappy feeling shared on the World Wide Web. Parenting is tough. Not much more to say about it. I’ll just wait and see how things are tomorrow.

After all- tomorrow is another day.


  1. frazzledagain · March 9

    I would imagi e it is tough raising a teenager. If you are unsure how to handle things, best to think about it and discuss with wife, like you said, tomorrow is a new day.

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    • Josef Havelka · March 9

      It’s trying to communicate with our teen. She’s angry about something, but is having trouble expressing herself. Or at least, we are having trouble understanding her.

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  2. Jeanette · March 9

    The teen struggle is real! Having a hard time here too.

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    • Josef Havelka · March 9

      I’m hoping it’s temporary. But this is our oldest and we have two more to go through this… she’s setting the bar it seems.


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