Thank you.

 Thank you.

Two simple words that people need to hear more often.  I’m closing out this week by saying thank you to everyone that has been reading my new blog postings.  I’m still working on discovering what I like to post, how this website works, and what people enjoy reading.  The biggest challenge I’m facing  already is what I should post everyday.   Perhaps the next two words I should be saying is “I’m sorry” for filling up your newsfeed with my daily musings.  Mostly, this blog is a way for me to write more and develop a habit of writing daily.  So thank you for your understanding.

Saying thank you can be difficult.  Especially when you are trying hard to do something on your own, but are too stubborn to ask for help.  Or sometimes we take it for granted that our family or friends have done something nice for us.

“Thank you” has a strong meaning.  It means that you appreciate what someone else has done for you.  In my home, we try and instill this behavior all the time.    Remembering to say “thank you” is the best way to show respect and it tells people, “Hey, what you did was awesome and I appreciate it.”

Thank you again everyone for being awesome and allowing me into your lives.  You guys rock.

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