At the Drive In

Summer weather is here in the Lower Mainland.  That means with sunny days and warm nights on the horizon it is time to hit our local Drive In.

When I was in my later teen years/twenties we used to go to the Hillcrest Drive In throughout the summer.  The Hillcrest opened in 1953,  and shutdown in 2003.  After fifty years, the owners were looking for a new location to open, not because of the money but because of the love of the drive in.  It took them a couple years to get settled and open up again.  Under the name “Twilight Drive In” they opened again in 2005.

The Twilight Drive-In’s screen stands 20 feet off the ground and is 40 feet high by 94 feet wide. (Thats the equivalent to a 1224″ T.V.). We project in the true “scope aspect ratio” of 2.35:1 (That means the picture is 2.35 times wider than taller, for films produced in scope aspect ratio).

In 2007 my family moved to our new home.  Lucky for us the Drive In is only five minutes away.  We have spent every

summer going to the movies every couple of weeks.  We get to be outdoors, enjoy a couple films, and have quality family time, and support a local business all for under $50.  We could drop twice that at the multiplex and out money goes to a big corporation.  

Team Captain America

Usually we sneak in around Spring Break, but since we were traveling, we couldn’t.  Last night was our first film of 2016.  We watch Captain America: Civil War.  Besides the film being fun, our family enjoyed the night out.

I hope that the drive in theater sticks around for a long time.  This is something that I hope my kids can take their kids to.

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