Keeping Motivated At Work

Like most work places, there is a need for humor to break up the monotony of the daily grind. Sometimes it’s a joke or two. But more often than not, it’s a sign posted on a wall.

See this guy? I call him Clint. He likes trains. Some of his best friends are trains. He can hardly contain his excitement of being in the rail yard office. I hope he continues to like trains for many years to come. Clint is an inspiration to us all.

Then there’s Bane.  He needs to keep us grounded in our place within the company. His inspirational quote really gets you in the feels. Especially with the term “SHOT CALLER” written below. We have to make decisions and stick to a plan. Obviously.

Those are only a few of the pics that are inside of our building. One coworker is tremendous at drawing, and brings those characters to life with more humor regarding our work. We all have a good sense of humor, and can make light of difficult situations that we come across. 

Motivational quotes don’t always have to be of kittens in trees telling us to “HANG iN THERE!

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