My Ever Growing Online Family

Blogging is fun. I do the writing mostly for myself, but it seems others enjoy reading about my life. From old friends to complete strangers- everyone has been relatively positive about what I share. Good feels.

I’ve also enjoyed online interactions with my fellow bloggers. Every week, I am interacting with more and more people. They are like Magical Internet Faeries spreading joy in my life. On this journey, I’ve been lucky enough to dodge the trolls.

Or perhaps the trend is swaying in the right direction? I have found lately that people proudly share more positivity, and say things like love conquers all or even hate leads to suffering…

Whatever the reason may be, I’m really happy to be a part of the online community. Keep up the good work universe and all you Internet Faeries who bring me joy! You know who you are.


  1. frazzledagain · February 10, 2018

    The blogging community is much easier to talk to, than social media such as facebook. There are a lot of haters and judgemental people there.

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  2. Renard Moreau · February 10, 2018

    [ Smiles ] I can clearly see the reason why the blogging community loves you. Your blog is a lot of fun to read!

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    • Josef Havelka · February 10, 2018

      Thank you so much. It’s like writing an open diary, but mostly only the good stuff. 😋

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      • Renard Moreau · February 10, 2018

        [ Smiles ] You are welcome, Josef. Continue writing about yourself and your viewers will continue to read about your life.

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        • Josef Havelka · February 23, 2018

          Thanks for the reply. Showing off my life in both good and bad means that I hope people benefit from my experiences. I’m glad you came by to read about my adventures!

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