Being that today is Cinco de Mayo I figured I could talk about Mexico.

I’ve never been there. Nor do I want to go. It’s not on my “must see before I die” list.

That’s about it.  I don’t have much else to say about Mexico.

In regards to North America’s take on Mexico- I don’t overly drink tequila (never liked the after effects) and I rarely eat Taco Bell (never liked those after effects either).  However, authentic Mexican food intrigues me.  I’m pretty sure I can find a decent restaurant for that.

If we were to travel farther south than the USA, I’d like to hit South America and check out Peru or Brazil.  For beaches- I enjoyed Hawaii the one time we went, but could easily trade that for the Caribbean or Greece.  

I’m sure Mexico is nice and all.  From what I’ve seen from friends vacation pictures it looks like a great place to relax and be catered to. If I end up in Mexico one day, I’ll make the most of it. 

Tonight, I’m going make the most of it as well.  I’m hoping to enjoy a shot (or two) of Patron Gold Tequila with a Corona chaser. The best and worst Mexico has to offer.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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